Terms and Conditions of Use

We here at www.securesextoy.com, have certain terms and conditions that must be read and understood by all. Take a look:

  •          It’s necessary for all users to specify his/her age while ordering a product from our site. We have kept the age limit at 18 and above for the users. One who fails to qualify this age limit will not be allowed to place any order. Even if it is placed, it will be rejected later.


  •          Any sort of return request shall only be initiated within 48 hours. This will be the maximum time span by which the user has to request a return. If the customer takes more time, that is, over 48 hours, the request shall not be taken into consideration.


  •          Once the order is processed, the customer might get it shipped in an inappropriate manner. It might be a wrong product or a damaged one. In that case, we will certainly replace it. No return request or that of a refund shall not be granted.


  •          Ensuring one’s sexual health is our major concern and we therefore do not sell used products. Keeping this in mind, we will not accept any product for return if it has already been used by the customer. If the order delivered is irrelevant and not the one which the customer ordered, the return request will be processed.


  •          The objective of keeping all our orders confidential is respecting the private life of individuals and couples. Therefore, we sell products to customers for personal use. We do not intend to sell products for commercial purposes.


  •          Any range of damage caused to the product by the customer does not make us responsible. In such cases, we will not accept any request for return.